The Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing and Design addresses the global challenges of energy efficiency and sustainability in manufactured products. This impact will be achieved through increasing innovation and productivity within the knowledge intensive advanced manufacturing sector. The faculty research centre’s vision is to empower the next generation of engineers to use high performance materials, advanced manufacturing and innovative design to meet the world’s needs for a prosperous, sustainable future.


Our extensive research within marine, aerospace and land transportation is driving new solutions for traditional uses of composites while also exploring their potential in new applications. Our research focuses on improving safety, cost, and efficiency in order to minimise the carbon footprint of transportation generally.


Our research into Advanced Materials Manufacturing changes the way we apply novel manufacturing techniques to produce materials with zero harm to the environment. We focus on circularity of plastic materials, light weight composites as well as performance of biocomposites.


Our research into Human well-being puts the user at the centre of everything we do, and creates novel products, manufacturing methods and design techniques that result in zero negative effects on human beings. This brings together our advanced manufacturing, materials, and design themes into a strong triple bottom-line sustainability approach.