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Professor Johan Verbeek

Polymer processing, reactive compounding and recycling of thermoplastics and thermosets. Experienced in processing product development using biobased polymers and composites.

Deputy Director

Professor Mark Battley

Computational modelling and experimental characterisation for fibre reinforced polymer composites and polymers. This includes geometric and material non-linear behaviour, failure mechanics and effects of defects, dynamic loads and fluid-structure interaction.

Academic Staff

Professor Simon Bickerton

Professor Krishnan Jayaraman

Professor Olaf Diegel

Professor Piaras Kelly

Dr Tom Allen

Dr Arcot Somashekar

Dr Maedah Amirpour

Distinguished Professor Debes Bhattacharyya

Dr Nam Kyeun Kim

Fibre reinforced polymer composites manufacturing and performance, sustainable polymer based composites, additive manufacturing of composites, multi-functional material and structure modelling and performance, mechanical and thermal response of wireless charging systems

Polymer composites, Processing and evaluation of natural fibre-biobased polymer composites

Additive manufacturing, rapid product development, advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, project management, design

Mathematical and computational modelling and analysis of engineering problems related to advanced composite materials manufacturing processes, tribology, metallic-material manufacture and processing, geomechanics and bioengineering.

Structural performance of composite materials and structures. Focusing on dynamic load scenarios, especially for transportation, including free-surface fluid-structure interactions. Manufacturing of thermoset-based composites. Design and optimisation of composite structures.

The manufacture, processing and properties of microfibrillar polymer composites, compressive deformation of glass fibre reinforcement.

Mathematical and computational modelling of metamaterials such as lattices manufactured by 3D printing with potential application in wearable human interfaces. Multi-physics computational modelling of advanced systems such as wireless-powered devices and sensors. Experimental characterisation and digital image correlation technique.

Natural fibre reinforced polymer composites, graphene materials, coronary stents, waste materials utilisation and flame retardant composites

Development of flame resistant composites based on natural resources, flammability characterisations, manufacturing and evaluation of natural fibre reinforced polymeric composites and microfibrillar polymer composites

Research Associates

Dr Jesna Ashraf

Dr Willsen Wijaya

Kai-Yeung Li

Dr Simon Chan

Hamed Abdoli

Well versed in polymer science and rubber technology, polymer synthesis, characterizations, and polymer processing methods. Experience in fire retardant applications of polymer blends & composites, phenolic/amino resins for wood-based applications. Electrospinning, surface modification, electrochemistry, biomedical applications of conducting polymer-based interfaces.

Thermal design and computational modelling of wireless charging system

Numerical and experimental research of wireless charging systems

Metal additive manufacturing, Product design, Tool design, Die & mould manufacturing, Injection moulding, Project management

Additive Manufacturing for Composite industry, Material Extrusion 3D Printing, Product Design , Composite manufacturing and machining

Administrative and Technical Staff

Jos Geurts

Callum Turnbull

Stephen Cawley

Ismail Awan

Dr Lal Busher Azad

Dr Daniel Clyde

Graeme Finch

Meena Arora

Experienced in mechanical properties testing of parts, assemblies, and materials such as composites, thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, natrual fibres to metals and more

Fitting, turning, machining and welding

Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Material testing/characterisation. Commercial tests on materials. Helping students with equipment.

A resourceful polymer engineer, experienced in process optimization & troubleshooting, composite manufacturing, materials testing, product design & development, and tool design for polymer materials processing.

A resourceful polymer engineer, experienced in process optimization & troubleshooting, composite manufacturing, materials testing, product design & development, and tool design for polymer materials processing.

Polymer and composite materials characterisation and experimental design. Background in physical and materials chemistry.

Background in management of R&D teams, strategic planning, and commercialisation.

Manages groups external engagement with industry and other research organisations, intellectual property and commercial contracts.

Data Analyzing with experience in customer service facing challenges enthusiastically to achieve consistent quality results.

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